IZOLACE BERAN provides comprehensive services in the field of special insulation mattresses.

• Thermal insulation of steam and gas turbines
• Thermal insulation of engines
• Thermal insulation of flanges, valves and compensators
• Thermal insulation of flue gas and exhaust ducts and piping

Insulation mattresses

Mattresses are made of high-temperature glass fabrics with mineral, glass and ceramic fibre filling. Mattresses are suitable because of their durability, easy installation and disassembly.
Insulation material does not contain asbestos or materials containing asbestos.
Mattreses consisting of glass fibre fabrics and mineral, glass or ceramic fibre filling are used as thermal insulation.
The insulation usually consists of two or three layers according to customer‘s requirements on the thermal insulation.
Insulation layers are installed according to the laying scheme in order to ensure that mattresses fit tightly and to avoid any air gaps.
Thermal insulation must be removable and reinstallable for the needs of inspection and overhaul of the turbine. All materials come from the EU countries.