Windows are an important part of every house:
They transmit light into the house, provide contact with the outside world and allow ventilation , which is important not only for human health but also for the house itself. However, heat escapes through windows. Heat gets out by leakage between casement and frame , permeates through the glass and window frame. Heat also escapes through doors. Heat losses can be avoided either by insulation of windows and doors, or by their replacement.

Modern windows have good quality and tight frames and have double or triple glazing. Replacement of windows can reduce heat losses to one third. If you do not wish to replace windows straight away , it is possible to seal the old ones and replace glass with double glazing . When selecting an appropriate window, it is not only material but also its structure that matters . The less structured window is , the less leaky joints and thermal bridges it has.

It is especially the frame used, on which the window properties depend. Thermal technical properties , economic and ecological characteristics of the frame are influenced by the material used. Also the door can be protected against heat escape by using suitable sealing. Frames can be sealed with foam or rubber adhesive tape or apply putty and metal seal . A plastic brush should be attached on the bottom edge of the door , it also prevents heat escaping . Venetian blinds or roller blinds are also suitable.

Replacement of windows and doors is an important part of the overall revitalization of the building.