Why to insulate your house?
You will save money

Up to 75% of the energy we consume in a household falls on heating. Poorly insulated external cladding of building can leak up to 35 % of this energy. You can prevent it by external insulation of the building.

You will improve the statics of the building

Insulation has a positive impact on the statics of the building because it significantly reduces the effects of temperature changes which affect the structure of the house through the external cladding. Why do you not prolong the life of your house and thus better protect your investment?

You will protect your health

On the cold surface of walls there occurs an increase in moisture in many cases, thereby creating ideal conditions for the emergence and growth of various fungus and mildew. Insulation increases the surface temperature of the walls in the room and so one of the basic conditions of occurrence of the mentioned microorganisms is removed. Moreover, insulated house provides the user with better thermal comfort and more consistent indoor climate all year round.

You will get the address at which you will not be ashamed to live

Conversion of a drab house into an attractive apartment building is often what the residents feel first and also most intensively. This is a change that they like to boast about and that is visible from afar.

The money you have invested in your housing will gain in value

Certified insulation systems not only reduce economic and energy losses , but also protect the building against weather , thus prolonging life , improving appearance and increasing the overall value of the house.

What is the thermal insulation system?

The insulation system , called ETICS (External thermal insulation composite system) , is a comprehensive set of components that are used for the thermal insulation of the building external cladding. Components are selected and combined so that as a whole provides the best insulation parameters and quality of the work. Only when tested and verified as a whole, components give you the guarantee of achieving the declared parameters and minimizing faults after the implementation of construction.