Maintenance of contact insulation system

The longest life of additional insulation systems is certainly a legitimate requirement of every investor . To a large extent, however, it depends on the owner and individual users. Without regular maintenance, and of course in cases of insensitive treatment or even damage, one can not suppose that the insulation will last forever or at least for the expected life period.

What to do to maintain the quality of the facade ?
In order to maintain the functional insulation, it is necessary to perform a regular maintenance and care as we are used to with classical facades.

- surface cleaning:
The first step to restore the original appearance of the facade is cleaning. The most commonly used is pressure washing with optional addition of detergent. The interval of the washing cycle depends on the level of exhalations and dirt load of the related environment. When washing facade, you can possibly find any potential damage , which should be removed immediately to avoid deepening of potential problems and reducing the total life of not only additional insulation but other structures as well.

- recoating:
The next step in the maintenance of the insulated facade is to recoat it. Most reputable manufacturers of insulation systems state a time horizon of 10-15 years. The length of this cycle is again given by the environment influence. In case the original surface has been attacked by microorganisms , it is recommended to apply special repressive means which increase resistance to biotic attack.

- repair of damaged insulation system:
Any damage to the insulation system should be repaired without long delay, since the original trivial shortcomings may significantly shorten the overall life of the system in time.

- doubling insulation:
Additional insulation of already insulated structures is a separate chapter. Many insulation systems made in the nineties already in terms of thermal resistance do not meet the requirements nowadays. In this case it is not a question of maintenance. Additional insulation will pay in all aspects: reduces heating costs , extends the life of the facade and protects the building structure. Before insulating it is not necessary to remove the original insulation and pay for its disposal , effectively solves the shortcomings of the existing facade and contributes to the house gaining in value. Double insulation life is the same as single layer insulation.